Goodby IPL

I am not a cricket fan. Whilst i do enjoy a batsman sending the ball into orbit just as much as anyone else, i do not believe that life begins and ends with cricket. The IPL was something i was looking forward to, not just for its entertainment value but also as something that keeps our economy moving.

The world is in recession and we in India, though shielded somewhat, are clearly suffering. Growth had rapidly declined and we are spluttering. Something like the IPL is just what the country needed… ensure that we dont splutter to a stop…..and to jumpstart it.

The IPL makes people spend…it makes the economy move….it consists of tons of money changing hands….and is something that the Indian economy is in dire need of. The ripple effect of this event is huge! Travel, entertainment, tv, advertising, food, beverages – it transgresses all sectors and revitalises India.

The confusion and lack of clarity in the stand taken by the various state governments finally culminated in the IPL being moved outside India….its plastered all over the news. We Indians lost our jumpstart.

Why? Because some politicians didnt have the political will to provide security. Because the few who did were made to withdraw it. We all know that the worldwide cricket calendar is something that is planned way in advance and given the number of international players, its something that is integral to the IPL being played at this time of the year. No other dates would do.

Then comes the other question. Are the elections not important enough to warrant cancellation of the IPL? Of course – we Indians have to choose our leaders dont we?

The actual question is – wasn’t the IPL important enough to save somehow? We all saw Lalit Modi pleading with the governent(s) and being extremely flexible to play around with the schedule (atleast to a reasonably point, beyond that – there’s not much even he can do!)  Yet the Government refused to budge.

In an economy that is spluttering, where we all are crying for more work and pushing hard to ensure that we stay on the path of consistent and strong growth, in my view, the IPL was something we ought to have saved.


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