Do you wonder about the world we live in…and whats becoming of it….?

I sit alone on the eve of yet another journey and that usual feeling kicks in. I dont know if its hit early this time because its a saturday and i had time to think a bit….or whether its because i’m down with some serious congestion which i described to her as the ‘i can’t breathe’ kind….but as i stepped in for a shower, i heard that another bomb had gone off in Delhi!

Of course news like that 12 hours before i leave for that very place is kinda sorta numbing…..but it sure as hell makes me wonder why in God’s name these idiots are out to kill the innocent.

– What is the purpose of a terror attack? Why kill the innocent? What good comes of either of these?

You may say that the people behind these bombings are crazed brainwashed innocents themselves but i seriously doubt that. I remain of the view that it takes the mind of a killer to willingly take a bomb laden vehicle and park it in a public place.

So now we come to another piece of reality we gotta face, accept and come to terms with…..that with each passing day, there are a (growing) number of brainwashed depraved individuals amongst us, who are out to kill the innocents by placing bombs in public places and who apparently do this out of a sense that they are doing this in the name of religion or the like, where such crimes and killings are required. Quite a sucky no-option situation we find ourselves in right? 

In my view, and its a very very personal view, any individual who thinks like this and carries out such depraved acts, ought to be behind bars, if not more. If you find these guys, make sure they get a quick trial, make sure there is unimpeachable evidence and make sure that they get the harshest punishment available in law for such acts. Though, i’m sure that there are other who think differently…..  


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