To find oneself…

When was the last time you tried to find yourself in this manic rush we call life?

Strangely, i recall days where i was free….to enjoy… be pensive… be…..and today, all i have is a list of ‘shit i need to get this done’.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Clearly there is no one else to blame but we ourselves…..and in this mad rush for success, it appears that we’re losing out on something extremely important….ourselves!

The problem lies in finding a balance and more often than not, we as humans have this horrible tendency to fail to find this balance.

Strive…..try….and if you fail….try that much harder ……cause unless you find that balance….you’ll end up a useless lump… yourself and to the rest of the world…..find that energy that is able to push you harder and higher…..find that one who is able to make you want to be a better person…..for when you find the one, you will find in yourself the power to give…..sow the seeds and reap the benefits ….of a happy and content you.  

I begin to find that the more i discover, the deeper i fall….and whilst scary as it may be at first, when you find yourself beginning to understand what you are going through….the joy and contentment it brings is uncomparable….the power of the moment of peace you savour is multiplied manifold and the energy that flows through you makes you feel that the world is your playground and makes you jump higher and play harder……and of course, the sleep that you get is that much sweeter… feel alive and energized.  

 “It was the wicked and wild wind
Blew down the doors to let me in.”

–Viva la vida by Coldplay


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