Horse trading

Dont you love what we have become?

The last week has been sheer insanity for us Indians. We wake up each morning to find newspapers screaming drama filled headlines and by evening, circumstances have changes so much that the next morning is filled with headlines quite contrary to what we read the day before. A political see-saw of sorts and for a country that prides itself on being a democracy (and thereafter achieving 8+% growth and more nonsense), we sure are a confused lot.

Is it that we don’t know who to vote for because the choice before us is between the devil and the deep sea? Or is it that we just have stopped caring?

It was for this reason that a proposal was made some time ago that we need to have an ‘abstain‘ button on the electronic voting machines…to put it simply, the voter pushes the ‘abstain‘ button if he wants to make a point….the point being ‘fine, you got me here to vote (which used to be and is still a major issue), but none of you clowns are good enough’.

I don’t think we need any more evidence for the need for this kind of a button when we see the manner in which our elected leaders have behaved in the recent trust vote. Lets face facts, it was simply a question of how much one party was willing to offer……a money-for-vote scam……and for that, we have only ourselves to blame……cause directly or indirectly, those idiots are up there because of us.

The scary part is, we see this behaviour permeating through the various realms of society where the very fundamentals of who we are as people is challenged….Needless to say, repercussions run deep and hard and if this trend continues, the future is slowly but surely losing its glimmer.

Of course, another point of view can be that in such adversity, we find opportunity to glimmer because a lone candle standing in the dark is easily seen, even from a distance, if you get my drift.

“Hey girl, you’re late
And those planes, they don’t wait”

–These days by Rascal Flatts



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