The village

“What is the Village?” some may ask.

“The Village was a trip that was meant to happen many many times till date, but has finally happened only now.”

I managed to eke out some time from this crazy life and figured that as i had to be in North India before and after this weekend, rather than travel up and down needlessly, i might as well make the trip into the Village. Now don’t get me wrong, its perfectly simple for me to fly back into Bombay on a friday and back into north India on a monday but this opportunity was actually a god send so i decided to snatch it up……and i made it happen.

The Village has remained a nemesis of sorts…..crazy number of planned trips have been cancelled and talk of this visit has actually diminshed…..until we made it happen…..and what a trip it has turned out to be thus far.

From last minute scares of not having enough time set aside to make a flight to splsh and dash runs to the airport in peak hour traffic and culminating in a chiller beer at the airport lounge in the safe knowledge that i was able to make it happen….it was all part of this crazy crazy saga of a weekend.

What made it special?

Try taking the last flight outta Delhi into the Village, dressed to the hilt in a work suit……and walk into the searing heat but more importantly, into the arms of waiting friends, who can’t believe that years of persistence have paid off and the trip is now reality. We are together in the Village.

What does one do in the Village?

Wrong question. The right question is what does one NOT do in the Village. Well, some people defi ought not to drink bhang …;), but the rest of us follow one simple rule….we don’t think…..we feel. We DO what we FEEL like doing…..and thats what makes the trip into the Village a stress reliever…..and a must-do-once-more. Try experiencing the joy of warm sultry days, chilled mansions, great people and an absolute nutcase of a pug. Try endless cups of agyar ghas chai and strong coffee (hey, i can’t not have my coffee now can i)……try yummy Tunda kebabs and chicken dhansak……try living in a 250 year old palace…’ll realize that each moment is special……there is no alternate to this.

As i find myself winding down to the inevitable end of this blissful insanity, i intend to come here again……and i intend to make it soon.

I’ll see ye all backin hell soon…..until then, cheers.

“Thats not the beginning of the end
Thats the return to yourself”

— The return to innocence by Enigma


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