Crash landing

Its a beautiful feeling to be flying…’re on the top of the world…..everything is far below you…..until you realize that you got engine trouble!

I (re)started gymming last week and broke through the warm up sessions and the circuit training buildups designed to minimize muscle ache without so much as a whisper…..and in doing so reminded myself of the hard fact… build up on something, you need to tear it down first (a.k.a. muscle synthesis)…..and i pretty much did all that….except for one small issue…..i got hit with the friggin viral!

So from a major high (which is the adrenalin rush you get from a hard hard workout), i crash land into body numbing pain and a horribly congested body n throat… bad that i’m pretty much in and out of consciousness and all i want is that cup of adrak ka chai (yeah, coffee aint workin this time).

Got some Tiesto playing and i’m kinda hoping that this ends soon….cause i need to get off my lazy ass and back into the gym….



2 Responses to “Crash landing”

  1. saltynspice Says:

    i so so agree……….. u lazy ass;)

  2. Saltynspice: Soon….very very soon….maybe even sooner…..;)

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