And then, it happens

Life takes a full circle and drops you right where you began. Its not often that you are able to get a ringside view to this but when it does happen, its worth its weight in gold. I got a ringside view and i saw it happen….well, i heard it happen.

Was it fun?…..not really as i ain’t no sadist.

Was it pleasurable?…..nope, for the reason set out hereinabove.

Would i give it up?…..not for the world.

Part of me felt …vindicated, not that it makes any difference whatsoever.

When you let the truth hit you between the eyes and walk away standing……you realize you’re one lucky bast$rd….

“These days, the world’s all right, the sun shines bright,
I’m kicking out the bad dreams.”

–These days by Bardot



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