June 08, 2008

And then, you slowly caress her into fifth….and let her ease up to 70 odd cause any faster and you won’t be able to slow down for that idiot who chooses to cross the road without looking…..seeking a temporary shelter from the very rains that you’re loving.

Have you noticed how life has taken a 180 dergree turn and moments which you spend with yourself are too few and far between? Some, i know,  like life that way. They prefer the hustle and bustle of always doing something as compared to the serenity of solace, but that usually emanates from reasons that would make for another fantastic thought provoking journey.

Sit back, pick up the sunday mornin cuppa, put on VH1 and savour this moment, cause its not gonna last too much longer……and the city will once again take you over. She spares no one.  

“And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can’t replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?”

–Fix you by Coldplay


2 Responses to “June 08, 2008”

  1. It feels almost guilty to spend a weekend lazily doing the crossword, or reading a newspaper (in my case, online). Aren’t there a million tasks to attend to instead?

  2. Lekhni: There probably are a gazillion other tasks as you say, but they can and should wait….though i must warn you, doing intellectualy stimulating acts like the crossword on the weekends are known to cause severe brain damage.

    If i may suggest, stick to stuff that does not involve use of the grey matter in any manner whatsoever, and then, the bomb on Monday morning will have maximum effect 😛

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