The only way…

Work it off, work it out. If you let it build to a point where it affects you then chances are that it will hurt you. The idea is to not let it get too close, cause when there is that element of detachment, it won’t matter if it exists or not.

This doesn’t mean you ignore it if its something that requires immediate attention cause then all you’re doing is running away.

As you can see, its a fine fine line…..and sometimes, one may think that one is on one side, but one is actually on the other side…..and then begins the fun.

Words i heard that i loved…..”You and i are just a moment in time….a very special moment.

“She takes you in with her crying eyes
then all at once you have to say goodbye
wondering could you stay my love
will you wake up by my side?”

–Dreaming with a broken heart by John Mayer


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