So here, we have oil going past $125 a barrel and the papers are splattered with oil companies asking the government for a Rs. 10 increase in the price of each litre of petrol……makes me wonder wtf is goin on!

I mean, a Rs. 10 increase will see the price of fuel go past Rs. 60 per litre…..and apparently that still doesnt bring the price in line with what the fuel costs the companies to supply on a per litre basis…. In effect, they’re running at a significant loss and now have put up the red flag and said that they won’t survive much longer.

Now i remember some time back, when petrol cost around Rs. 45 per litre, one of these newspapers did a quick story on the fact that the actual cost was only Rs. 13 per litre and the rest of its, almost 200% thereon, was actually various taxes!

What i wanna know is, when you have an overheating economy, with inflation rearing its ugly head, growth at a yet healthy 7-8 %, why don’t you cut the friggin’ taxes and atleast ensure that the prices are constant at where they are? Now whilst i understand that the Government would lose some revenue in the short run, in the long run, with the increase in consumption, the revenue would surely prove adequate for a government whose motive isn’t (or ought not to be) profit.

And here, we have the government mulling over this for months….makes me wonder wtf is goin on in their heads….like, if you have a reason for not cutting taxes, insisting that prices dont touch inhumane levels and murder the oil companies in the interim, atleast let us know why!   

“She can kill with a smile
She can wound with her eyes”

–She’s always a woman to me by BIlly Joel


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  1. How do you put a song like that for an entry like that???

    Totally ruins the effect of the entry…

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