The good ol’ days

Sometimes, its good to do the things you would do waaaaaay back in college. It kinda sorta feels good.

“Seems the road less traveled
Shows happiness unraveled”

–If you could only see by Tonic

This saturday, instead of doing the usual ‘meet up with friends and hang out / party / go mad” bit, i decided to do something different. Called up my pal and asked what he was upto and whether he wanted to do a spin, like the good ol’ days. Of course, the proposition was inviting enough for him to jump at it. Back then, we would  drive around in my fiat(s)…..we would simply get behind the wheel, put on some nice music…..and cruise.

Times are slightly different now so the fiats(s) are gone……but the dabba with the sunroof is in…..and to my mind, plays the role of the cruise-mobile quite perfectly…..with her sunroof, Blaupunkt music system with CD changer et all. Thus, took her out and drove around the city…….did the usual Marine drive chakkar …..up Walkeshwar…..down to Napean Sea road……Breach Candy and even Worli seafce thrown in for good measure. All with some Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer and even MIka thrown in. It was FANTABULOUS.

Nowadays, i find that most weekends are filled with social commitments which appear to be unending. In light of these circumstances, an opportunity like this comes as a ray of light in the dark and helps in so many ways. Most importantly, it reminds you of the joy that exists in some of the  most simple things in life, something which most of us seem to have forgotten.

“Yeah, life throws you curves
But you learned to swerve”

–These days by Rascal Flatts



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