Power games

You seize her by the scruff of her neck…..and push. You test her limits and in doing so, your own limits are put to the test. You see what torture you are capable of dishing out and thus, what her endurance is. More often that not, you’ll find that she can and will take whatever you find yourself capable of dishing out, because when you care, you’ll know what not to dish out.

So i got behind the wheel and started dishing out…..and i pumped the gas, downshifted, pulled in each gear, braked late, braked hard, cut around a car waiting at an intersection at speeds i havent done before…..and she took it all without so much as a whisper. I drove her as if …..as if she wasn’t who she was……and she took it all.

And at the end…..i found myself at peace with her once more…..i found myself easing her into fifth and cruising……and as she gracefully leapt forward…..i sent up a silent prayer thanking Him for giving her to me….  

“I could be lost inside their lies without a trace
But every time I close my eyes I see your face”

–If i ever lose my faith in you by Sting



2 Responses to “Power games”

  1. Which one was it…Swift? Or one of the other biggies??

  2. Bee: Oh no….it wasn’t the Swift…:)

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