Houston, we have a problem!

I’m bored of mmy current cellphone. Its a Sony Ericsson, one of the walkman series….you know the black ones with the orange W adorning it…..its got all the functions i need and more….except, i’m bored of it. Yeah, the camera doesn’t work anymore (button seems to be spoilt) but then, who gives a hoot. I don’t really need/use the cam anymore…..but then, that can change na?

Ok….so what are my options?

“Go for the iphone!” screams a colleague. Close your eyes and go for it. Moreso cause i can get it direct from the US and have a friend crack it (which, i think is illegal and therefore, ironical – but who cares!). I saw the phone the other night over dinner…..tried using it a bit. While i thought that the phone looked great and the touch screen was slinky n sexy, it was so weird not to have a keypad. Add to that, typing a message with my oversized fingers was no joke. Lotsa of errors leading me to think that the iphone would kill whatever little i sms.

The final nail in that coffin was undoubtedly the size and design. Looks great if you have a passive lifestyle na? Now try running with the phone in your pocket. Or even holding the damn thing. I bet you that you’ll be terrified of getting it wet (with perspiration). And its too heavy to run with! So that ended my li’l tete a tete with the iphone.

Now, i need to figure out whether there is anything worth getting or should i just stick to this dabba. Anyone has thoughts on this? Email me please. I seriously need suggestions on this. And no, i don’t want a Vertu!



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