Push harder

Push…..keep pushing……keep the faith…..and you will get there.

Don’t lose focus…..don’t get ambushed…..don’t worry…..there is no time for any of them.

Just put your head down and toil.

F%$c…..i would love a nice large whisky and a nice massage right this minute.

– Braindead, exhausted, challenged……and lovin’ it.


4 Responses to “Push harder”

  1. I read the first line and went “Whaaaa…you’re having a baby???!!” 😀 One hopes this silly joke brightens your day and if it doesn’t, just look out of the window. The weather so glorious, it’s a joy to be alive!

  2. Idea: Sweetie, i’m one step away from committing mass piss off, which you know i am so capable of doing! Insofar as the weather is concerned, its too damn hot!………bah……maybe i should just go and get myself some beer right now. This is beer weather na….;)

  3. If you’re willing to trek over to me part of town, we volunteer to lift your spirits. Brighter mood guaranteed!

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