My darling

There are you are my darling…..oh how i’ve missed you…..

I missed the scent of you…..the taste of you……your emanating warmth and the pleasure your bring with each passing moment.

We were, of course, made for each other. There can be no question on that. We find ourselves in difficult times where, due to factors beyond our control, we are unable to be with each other. Let that not be a reason for us to forget the joy we bring to each other. Darling, the joy you bring to me is clearly second to none and i find myself incomplete without you.

As i savour you for the final time this fine saturday morning, i yearn the fact that the next i see of you will only be tomorrow. Fear not my brave cuppa…..for good times will once agin prevail upon us……and i await thee with bated breath…..



9 Responses to “My darling”

  1. Wonder if you’ve ever said that to your woman…enough number of times..

  2. Carol: Why would you think otherwise?

  3. If you had a woman to say this to… you would not be saying it to your coffee..

    So should appreciate your (future) woman like this ENOUGH NUMBER OF TIMES

    And I am leaving the rest unsaid………………………………….

  4. Carol: Rather presumptuous of you to think that my woman does not know this already. She knows this and more. Just bcoz i choose to publicly express my love for my cuppa and privately express my love for her does not mean that i dont have a woman. Be that as it may, thank you for your comment.

    My next public expression of love will probably be for my car. What will you say then? 😛

  5. Whether you tell your woman if you appreciate her ENOUGH NUMBER OF TIMES….

  6. Oh Carol, the problem in this case is that TOO MUCH IS NOT ENOUGH!

  7. saltynspice Says:

    Or rather YOUR WOMAN mite just run the opposite direction……..if you dolled out this syrupy and schmaltzy stuff…..even if its with a straight face !!!!!!!!!! After all evolution has taken a toll on ‘US’ too…….. we can call a spade a spade ………….as well as a toad a toad 😉

  8. saltynspicy: Hahahahha

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