You run at 110% and give it all you got….and remember…..whatever the outcome, its how you play the game that matters.

Right this moment, i’m running faster than i’ve ever run before….and i’m loving every moment.

There are people who try and get in your way, as they are trying to get in mine…….. who try to trip you or make you stumble…….its best to remember that they exist for a reason…..that reason being that the difference between you and them is sometimes enough to cause them to do what they do. Deal with it.




5 Responses to “110%”

  1. Wrote just this in my diary earlier today (although my version was pretty whiny). 💡 🙂

  2. Your beliefs in life are nothing more than the mental contracts you have made with yourself about the state of affairs you find yourself in.

  3. Nandita: And this version isn’t?….;)

    Carol: True to an extent. In my opinion, the state of affairs you find yourself in would dictate your actions and reactions keeping more than just your beliefs in mind.

  4. True to what extent? Where do you draw the line? Who decides that extent?

    State of affairs dont overcome beliefs. Your reactions and your actions are controlled by what you believe yourself capable of. The rules remain the same, only the issues keep changing.

    The equation of life demands the presence of a constant with fixed values. Convenience is for people with weak minds and pretentious beliefs.

    When you find yourself in a state of affairs not created by you, you believe that what has happened to you would be something you would have done to the other. And thats a sad state of affairs.

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