Have you noticed how you get nostalgic when you’re at the airport and waiting for a plane? How there comes a surge that overcomes you and your mind wanders into territory it normally wouldn’t bother to venture to.

A couple of days ago, I had to travel to Allahabad for a matter and i took the 9 a.m. flight outta Mumbai. Reached Allahabad only post 5 p.m. as the flight was horribly long and somewhat delayed. Seriously, to travel from Bombay to Allahabad, one must go from Bombay to Delhi to Kanpur to Allahabad. What a horrendous waste of time and productivity! The line of the journey……the pilot on Bombay-Delhi announcing after a slight delay in take-off:

“….we’ll try and get you to your destination.”

Yeah, after THAT, i was really worried.

Add to that the li’l toy plane that flies you from Delhi to Kanpur to Allahabad is a li’l rust bucket and sometimes, you’re actually scared that somethings gonna fall off (yeah, like the plane!)

So how was Allahabad….hmmm…..good question. Straight outta the airport (which is one shared with the air force or something and therefore, a high security zone), we head on to the Grand Trunk Road. Now some of you may remember this to be the first inter-city road built in India a long long time ago. It connected 2 metros and found its way through Allahabad. Today, atleast the portion that runs through Allahabad, is flanked by crappy illegal constructions which render it to be excuse for a highway with such a lot of history.

Head into the hotel and quickly check in after which i work non-stop till past midnight. I do step outta the hotel room for a meeting but then, that hardly counts.

And the following morning, after a successful day in Court, my pal decided to show me the Sangam…..the spot where the Ganges, the Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati meet……which has the Allahabad fort (built by Akbar no less) on its Bank. SUPERB

The spot itself is allright. Its the feeling of tranquility one feels when one comprehends that one is actually witnessing the Sangam that is the moment of a lifetime. The serene and non-descript surroundings notwithstanding, the moment was one to remember and cherish for a lifetime.

Then after a quick kebab and beer lunch, i find myself at Allahabad aiport, waiting for another delayed flight. I find that attack of nostalgia is once again rearing its head and even though the conversation was over, i philsophise that each moment we face in life is a sangam of sorts. That each moment that we slow down, and allow ourselves to slow down, will render us facing a moment which will remain with us in some way or another.

“You know that faith is your foundation
And with a whole lot of love and warm conversation”

–Love of the common people by Paul Young


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