One question that i have been asked time and again in the past few weeks is: “Where does this energy come from?

This surprises me too……bcoz, to my mind, i am a lazy no-good piece of excess flab…..and i like it that way. I like to chill….i love my beer…..i love to hang with friends and take afternoon siestas. And yet, i notice that for the longest time, i’ve not done as much of these things as i would’ve liked. The single reason that comes to mind is bcoz i’ve been working.

So why am i shying away from doing the things i like ……and spending that time working? To which, i have no answer.

Its a tough spot i find myself in……overworked….one friend’s wedding after another……friends in Mumbai from outta town and long chillout session…..most of which, i find myself unable to attend.And yet…..this morning, after i was woken up…..the first thing i did after a shower was head into the gym and run.

I guess one’s inspiration requires one to sacrifice a portion of oneself. The size of that portion may differ from person to person and some might not even have to make such a sacrifice.

But in my case, i find myself sacrificing a lot…..

Does that scare me? ………not really

Does that inspire me?……..yes

Does that excite me?……without a doubt

I find that in such sacrifice…..and in such excitement and inspiration…..i derive an energy……the energy to push myself higher and higher……the energy to not put my head down……the energy to run…..and the energy to believe. It is in such an energy that i find life…….and the will to smile one more time.

Take a bow, play the part of a lonely lonely heart
Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in

–Any other world by Mika


3 Responses to “Energy”

  1. I don’t understand that but then again, I’m not very big on the concept of sacrifice. My mantra is ‘Whatever makes you happy…’. At the end of the day, if this does, so be it.

    On an unrelated note, your last quote made me wonder when you developed a taste for nasal-Rakhi Sawant smooching-hairy singers. 😀

  2. And please change the template (again!). Black is even darker than grey and what’s more – it makes reading inconvenient. Try the Minimalist theme.

  3. Idea: Lol……but i like black……and i like pissing people off even more! but point taken and i’ll do something…..soon. ….:)

    In my opinion, sacrifice – howsoever miniscule an amount and manner thereof, is inevitable. And i like the way u describe Mika!….only, its the other MIka here…..check out the song if you haven’t heard it. Its quite nice.

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