Jodaa Akbar

So i finally got around to going and watching the flick……it was quite nice……a li’l soppy at times but nice….add to that i got to give a running commentary on the final fight scene which consisted of men in skirts playing footsie and looking at each other in the eye! Quite the commentary if i might say so.

Unfortunately, work being the occupational hazard that it is, reared it ugly head in the interval and kinda left a part of me quite worried. I thought i was faced with an all nighter! But, as is with most things in life, things work out just fine when left alone and sure enough, the situation worked itself out just fine.

Now the only thing i missed out on was that damn icecream!

 “Honey why you calling me so late?
It’s kinda hard to talk right now.

–Lips of an angel by Hinder


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