Now me… quite the biaaatch….well, atleast i can be if i so desire.

2 close friends are getting hitched this weekend and tonite was the sangeet…….and there began the story. It was a great party….great food, great desserts, lots of booze……and…….a couple of gate crashers. This was kinda funny bcoz people got kinda worried/scared. To which, me and a friend’s only answer was……..big fuc$%in deal……lets f%$k with them!

And we did……went right up to them….sat down on their table…….asked them thier names…..pakaoed thier drunk friggin brains into orbit (and those of ye who know me know i can so do that) ……..and ensured that they left the place.

It was fun…..right from the moment we sat down…..we gauged them, observed them……and tore apart their stories …….like litigators or even vultures.

Felt good to taste blood again! A few words that i remember:

In order to be generous when you care, it is important to be ruthless when you don’t.

Its nice when you have the whole party behind your back whilst dealing with such people. Then, being ruthless is a joy.



7 Responses to “Keeda!”

  1. *LOL* …can’t decide whether to:

    1. laugh — don’t like gatecrashers myself though I’d never have found it in me to do that; would probably have just asked them to leave which is so much less fun.

    2. be very envious of you — as I said, my way is simply not fun

    3. feel a tiny little bit sorry for them — am certain they wouldn’t have expected to have two (or more?) trial lawyers tear into them

    I do love the thought: “In order to be generous when you care, it is important to be ruthless when you don’t.“ …if not anything else, I now have something with which to justify my being a bitch when the mood strikes. 😉

  2. Nandita: Simply asking them to leave would have been way too easy and absolutely no fun, hence not a viable option! And for the record, i was the only certified lawyer……the others were a salesman and a pharma manufacturer……both close buddies….and who could give any lawyer a run for thier monies.

    And on that thought… was nice wasn’t it? Not that i needed an excuse but it always helps when one is around.

  3. True, it is always nice to have an excuse. And I did say that I envy you… I’m one of those people who only fantasizes about doing things like this. Usually, soft-heartedness — such as it is — winds up getting the better of me much to my own annoyance. Speaking of other contexts, when I am ‘ruthless’ I tend to tear into people with the kind of cruelty I’ve seldom seen (much to my relief) and knowing how much damage I am capable of doing forces me to shut up 99% of the time when I’m angry although I totally relate to enjoying being ruthless. Don’t know why that’s the case though considering that I’m often inundated by jackasses of varying degrees.

    Just realised that I’ve managed to get a lot of words into this comment without being sure of what my point is but since I have typed them out, I’m going to post them anyway and leave you cull out some sense from them if at all there is any. 😀

  4. Nandita: You want me to make sense out of that on a sunday afternoon? Woman, you ask for a lot!…..:)

    But seriously, its too much effort so we’ll save it for another day and time.

  5. LOL

    Considering that I just messaged a friend asking for explanations related to shares, stocks, capital markets, debentures and scrips, do I come across as someone who respects the fact that Sundays were created solely to indulge in laziness? 🙂

  6. Nandita: or to drive up to Khandala and indulge in inane conversation over warm kebabs and cold chaas (i prefer beer but that doesn’t go too well with driving!…:P)

  7. aaaah

    Don’t make me think of anything even mildly pleasurable at the moment: am torturing myself with Anson… 😦

    Btw, what’s chaas?

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