This has been a crazy crazy week thus far! Don’t you just love it when everyone is back in town! This week has seen the onset of a wedding for which some close friends are in town. Result: FUN!

Also went and saw Michael Clayton last night. Dont quite know why people didnt like the flick! Frankly, i loved it! Yeah it was kinda slow in places but then, the story, the lighting and the way the actor’s played their roles right down to the drooping shoulders on the card tables was something that i enjoyed. Was defi a flick i would recommend to people who have half a brain…:P

One line that stuck out…….”Then who are you?“. Another line that i liked “you know exactly what you want….”.

And so I sent some men to fight,
And one came back at dead of night,
Said “Have you seen my enemy?”
Said “he looked just like me”

–Same Mistake by James Blunt


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