No pain no gain

Make the most of what life throws your way……this would include making each moment count for all it possibly can too. So i get out of work early cause i ain’t productive and need a workout….. i head into the gym only to find that there is some electricity issue and therefore, gym is shut…… i use that fanatastic torch that my cellphone possesses and help some women outta the elevator….after which, i head into the club……crank up the ipod……and i run….

The thing with running is that life becomes a flashback of sorts……you replay instances that are stuck in your head…over and over and over…….until they get unstuck…… and when they get unstuck……you know they’re gone…..for good.

Happy running!

“In the darkness that surrounds me now
there is no peace of mind.”

–No ordinary morning by Chicane


2 Responses to “No pain no gain”

  1. Hmmm, the problem is when a thought/instance you think is long gone…dead and buried, suddenly shows that it was very much alive, just waiting silently in the background…heh….

    Problem with darkness is that it’s just you with you…

  2. Tejus: Isn’t that the ONLY time you can deal with it? When its JUST you with you??? Keep the faith man. Things can only get better.

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