Sometimes in life, when you think you are down and out, you meet someone. That someone, you realize, has been through so much more than you think you have been through……and still stands up straight without slumped shoulders or a sad face……and she still smiles, or atleast tries her hardest to. Now that someone is from whom i learn that:

Sometimes, you need to seize the reigns of life……and turn it around to go where YOU want to go.  Don’t get led, conned, fu%$ed over or anything else. If by chance it does happen, get back up on your feet and walk on. Cause life ain’t stoppin for no one!

 “Baby I can pass the day,
Watchin you model lingerie,
I wanna spend the night tonight shorty if it’s okay
You can be my Beyonce, I’ll be your Jay…

–Follow my lead by 50 Cent

 See ya at the Candy shop……;)



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