Yes, i got conned…..and how! I went and saw this ‘chick-flick’ called ‘Enchanted‘!

Sure enough, as soon as the sub titles were over and i saw the animation come up, i was like ‘wtf‘! My friend was thoroughly amused and insisted on ‘owing me’ bigtime! That goes without saying na….:)

Luckily, it penned out into a pretty decent flick and i had a very enjoyable time.
All in all, a fantastic evening…….yeah, the movie kinda grew on me…..a “must-watch-it-atleast-once” kinda flick.

Life is a rollercoaster
Just gotta ride it…
– Life is a roller coater by Ronan Keating

2 Responses to “Movietime!”

  1. I haven’t watched this film but I adore chick flicks : I’ve never seen one which doesn’t end with a ‘happily-ever-after’.
    If only…

  2. Nandita: If only? ………..:) And as far as watching the flick is concerned, it ain’t that easy. You have to ‘con’ someone into going with you….:P

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