Goonda worship?

What on earth are we turning into?

You have 2 guys, one Mr. Raj Thackeray, who insists that Uttar Bhartiyas are the bane of life as he knows it in Mumbai and are the sole cause of Mumbai becoming the mess that its becoming….and you know what, to a certain extent, the guy is quite right. Mr. Thackeray therefore, through his “strong and able” fan club (read: hooligans) disrupt peaceful life in Mumbai and start beating up a few Uttar Bhartiyas and that is something i don’t agree with. You may have a cause Mr. Thackeray but that don’t give you the right to violence.

And then you have Mr. Azmi, another man who has his own “strong and able” fan club (read: yup, they’re also hooligans!), and he is the man who thinks of himself as the savior of the Uttar Bhartiyas ( hell, you gotta have one hero na?)

Now both these gentlemen have taken Mumbai city by storm. Today again, we awaited the news that these 2 guys would be arrested and anticipated riots and other hooliganism for such an arrest. Appears that the cops planned it out superbly (can’t believe it myself) and ensured that they were arrested and straight away taken to Court where they managed to get bail.

What i wanna know is, who’s gonna repay the poor Uttar Bhartiyas and other poor INDIANS who lost their property (whether car, shop or of any other kind) in the psychotic violence that ensued today and yesterday?

Will Mr. Thackeray sell his awesome Land Cruiser and repay these guys? Or wll Mr. Azmi sell off his Nissan Z350 and pay for the damage caused?

Look closely people…..this stunt these 2 played on the country might well get them elected into the Government in the next elections……and THEN imagine what they’re gonna do….

My sentiments exactly!


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