Now now now

I used to be a litigator….argue different matters in Court everyday……have my own li’l practice……and live my life on my terms.

And then i took the plunge. I joined a law firm……Corporate law….and i was hooked. The first week into my job, i was wondering what the hell was i doing! Think about it, you spend more than 5 years learning the Courts and that includes 2 years of appearing…’re just about becoming a ‘recognized face’ in the corridors of the High Court…..and you leave it all, to learn something completely new (ok well not COMPLETELY new but yeah, new enough to warrant learning).

Today, more than 3 months into my new job….i can truly say that it feel no different from where i was…..except, i don’t get to live my life on my terms anymore. Thats quite a big price to pay but the way i see it, the learning curve here i sooo high, that i’d willingly sacrifice a few hours every day.

The joy in it is that i tried something different and realized that i can actually do it…..makes me remember an old adage…”Life begins outside your comfort zone”.

HAve a nice week ahead people. Its gonna be a long long week.


2 Responses to “Now now now”

  1. So true my friend. I’m feeling that each time I push myself outta bed at 5am…been doing it for at least 2 days a week for the past coupla weeks and still not in the habit.

    Anyway, it’s high time i got my blog up too…cheers buds.

  2. TJ: Looking forward to that…..Cheers!

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