Insanity prevails

Now if you know me at all, you’d know that i’m the first guy who’d say that a taxi driver ought to go back to the village in some north Indian state he came from simply because he doesn’t know how to drive! Face facts, most of these guys have no understanding of how to drive respectfully…..they simply ‘point and drive’. God help you and your 5+ lakh car if you’re faced against one of the fu%$s.

Seems that a certain Mr. Raj Thackeray has picked up on this and gone up thus, the Dadar and Mahim area were apparently in the midst of some tension last week where the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) guys, headed by their able and politically strong leader MR. Raj Thackeray, took on the ‘Uttar Bhartiyas’.

Their basic bone of contention was the fact that the Uttar Bhartiyas did not follow law and order, they were performing some ‘Chaat Puja’ (which ought to be performed on the banks of the Ganges) and, they wanted to celebrate Uttar Pradesh day or something to that effect.

So the MNS decides to beat up the Uttar Bhartiyas…..

Now i’m trying to figure out whats goin on here…..the MNS is sayin that the Uttar Bhartiyas don’t follow law and order and therefore, break law and order themselves? Can it be any MORE ironic?

Whilst i agree with the fact that the Uttar Bhartiyas have zero regard for law and order, the rest of the stuff is political hogwash…..and ought to be ignored. The violence however, ought to be taken cognisance of. Serious action on that is required!

Personally, i hate the cabbies and feel that they ought to be sent back to where they came from…..but fact remains, this is India and you can do no such thing. If you wanna live here, you gotta play by its rules……which neither the Uttar Bhartiyas or even the MNS for that matter are doing.

I say shoot ’em all and reduce the population…:P


2 Responses to “Insanity prevails”

  1. Can we shoot ’em ALL – I mean cabbies, politicians and EVERYONE??! πŸ˜‰

    Jokes apart, it’s a sad day for democratic India when self appointed safeguards of certain people tear up India as a whole and cause disharmony.

    I hope & pray the situation is resolved in a manner that befits justice, as written in our books of law – and not as has been happening too many times in the past.

  2. Mel: I meant shoot ’em all without any discrimination whatsoever. (Only the common man should not be shot!) ……….. πŸ™‚

    On the rest of what you said, i hope so too. It is quite sad na?

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