The sound…of silence…

“Smile like you mean it
And let yourself let go….”

–Any other world by Mika

Insomnia is no fun! Now me, i was the kind whose head would touch the pillow and i’d be out like a lightbulb…..or so i’ve been told. Worse, i’ve been told that i snore (now THAT even i don’t believe…:P)

But for the past few weeks, sleep has clearly deserted me. So i tried running and gymming myself into exhaustion thinking that i was probably not tired enough…..but of course, that didn’t work! Though, it did help me lose some weight and put me in some serious pain!

So here i am…10 odd p.m. and i’m done with my gym and dinner…and i head into office…..yup, my sad pathetic existence. Worked for a bit…..until they decided to shut down for the night…and then i was left unto the roads… the good ol’ days.

So i took my baby on to Marine Drive……put on some nice Enigma sounds…..and cruised for a bit….met up with an old friend….and let the chill eat into my bone….

“So I smiled and tried to mean it
To let myself let go”

–Any other world by Mika


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