One day – 2 events

A happy event:

Someone i have become very friendly to, and respect tremendously, is getting married… we celebrate…..i order some nice chocolate cake for the firm…..and the firm celebrates with her…..indeed, a joyous and memorable occasion.

A sad occasion:

In the midst of all that celebration, i notice a missing smile…..yup, thats all it was…..a missing smile….one that was always there…..but today, for some reason…..was gone… i asked her…..and got some seriously bad news, which, if left uncontrolled, had the power to turn our safe habitat upside down.

I didn’t know what to ‘take away’ from today. Was it the fact that we are so together that we celebrate each others’ joys without a second thought…….and yet, when one of us is in turmoil, not one of us is able to perceive it?……is this what we have become?


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