Now i like this li’l cutie called the Nano. I’ll probably never buy one seeing thats its a Tata et all…..but that sure as hell doesn’t stop me from loving the way she looks.

Part of me says that Ratan Tata has done this nation proud. Hell, abroad, golf carts probably cost more! And here, you’re gettin a proper car which can comfortably seat 4 (lets not push this!!!) and get them from place A to place B in a city, SAFELY!

Think of the number of teenage lives that will be saved by this one car. Any father gifting his son a bike will now atleast look this way and probably, many of them will make the move in this direction.

Yeah, i heard the argumenst for and against the car. You know what, both sides have their points…..but you sure as hell can’t stop an entrepreneur from manufacturing what a nation sorely lacks!

You want an answer, then go get the Government to make a fast, safe, comfortable and efficient public transport system! I promise you people will think twice before buying a car then! Don’t stop an entrepreneur. You’re stunting growth, thought and entrepreneurship, the very attributes that the world has come to recognize in Indians!

“In the darkness that surrounds me now
there is no peace of mind
Your careless words undo me,
leave the thought of us behind…”

— No Ordinary Morning by Chicane


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