Have money? Will lose it!

Now everyone has money issues. Some have it (the money) and some don’t have it……but the issues, is what EVERYBODY has.

Like a couple of months back, i decided to spruce up my non-existent investment portfolio by diversifying my investments…..I decided to plonk some of my hard earned moolah into some infrastructure sector specific mutual funds. Some told me, markets are high, wait for them to fall and then invest and so on. I’ve often found that people who talk like that, more often than not, miss the bus! So i chose to ignore that advice and signed up on the dotted line. My money was in……

And then came the horrendous crash of a few days ago…….like 4k odd points within a week (not to mention triggering the short circuit fuse that the Stock Exchange has). I was questioning myself whether i ought to have listened to the advice i got and waited but you know what, i’m not sure i would have put money in when the markets touched 15 k levels! Thats because the same people who gave me the advice earlier were now telling me that the markets are gonna go down further and further!!!

The fact is, once you’re invested, just stay in and believe in your investment (which should be carefully studied prior to investing). Your company or mutual fund, as the case may be, will, more often that not, ride out the storm just fine and you’ll end up with a decently healthy rate of income on your investment. But if you chose to abandon ship midway and dump the stock, chances are you’ll walk away by cutting certain losses…..which in a few days will probably go back up….so you’ll end up feeling like a fool!

Does this make sense?


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