Another drunken driving story….

This thing’s been on my mind….and it got another spark when i read about some guy who ran over a couple of people because he lost control of his car under the influence. Driving fast and being under the influence of booze is a an accident waiting to happen!

And this kinda hits me cause you know what….until the cops started this entire thingie of putting people in jail, i was probably one of the guys who was over the limit quite a few times……and i sure as hell know that there is no way i intend on spending even one night in any police lock up for something like being under the influence……so now, i dont mix the two. Yeah, the cops got to me…..and its one less loser on the road. What i wanna know is, how many people like me are out there?

This entire tamasha of putting people in jail is sure as hell helping some of us get our lives in order. Problem is, as is the problem with all good things, it started too late (for those two people who got run over) as apparently the driver was convicted in the past of driving under the influence and I hear he was let off with only a fine! If he had been put in jail back then, maybe those two would’ve been alive today……


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