A new life beckons….

The joy in starting a new journey is a mixed one. A few months ago, i took a decision to start a new life. I pretty much gave up what i had slogged two hard years to build and joined a law firm. Lots of people questioned my decision….questioned my thought process….

So for the past 2 odd months, i’ve given my job my 100%. I walked, ran, jumped and even swam when they asked (ok ok, this is not an Ekta Kapoor serial so i better quit the drama!). Fact is, i left no stone unturned. Yes, i stumbled. A lot at first and then, i picked myself up and started over. In case you forgot, thats how you learn how to walk na….

And today, i think i’m learning a lot…..don’t get me wrong…i have a long long marathon to go……but, i just started running…..and i intend to enjoy every single moment…and i have started enjoying this new life….more than anyone could have ever imagined….

Life starts outside your comfort zone….so get out there and start LIVING!


2 Responses to “A new life beckons….”

  1. Congratulations! I’m standing along the lines and cheering you all the way!

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