Just be…..

There are times that i can write…….and then i come across times like this, where the words just dont come out.

Its like, i think of something…..that touches me enough to make me want to write…..i walk over to the computer and before i know it, i’ve forgotten the thought.

Is this a block? Spoke to Mel last night who, as it turns out, had taken a break from writing too. Actually, she was doing everything else but writing, meaning it didn’t happen intentionally but she just found herself doing stuff other than writing. Maybe thats what happens to me…..but then….who gives a hoot right?

On another note, why must a happy occasion come along with a sad one? Isn’t it hard to be happy and sad at the same time? One moment you have a big smile on your face and the next, you wanna crawl into bed and go to sleep, which never comes.

Yeah i know…..whatever……that explains the title na….


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