10 minutes

Today, i ran. After more than two years of deliberating and stumbling, of starting to run a few steps but then stopping, for no good reason.

After my “doctor” gave me the thumbs up, i put it to the test and started off at a slow and steady pace…..which i kept up….just in case…..

Managed a good 10 minutes before i decided not to push my luck and jumped on to the elliptical to take out the impact.

Reminded me of the good ol’ days where i could run for close to an hour without any problems whatsoever. I felt that high again.

And i want to feel it again…..and i will…..soon…


2 Responses to “10 minutes”

  1. 2 posts in a day!! He’s back, and how!

    Keep writing šŸ™‚ And just fyi, I’m writing again too, I love blogging, don’t think I’m able to keep away from it for too long.

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