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Flying high….

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“Don’t be afraid, oh my love
I’ll be watching you from above
And I’d give all the world tonight,
to be with you
Because I’m on your side,
And I still care
I may have died,
but I’ve gone nowhere”

–I’ll be there by The Escape Club

Exhausted….fatigued…..long hours at work……no sleep…..driving to far ends of the city….working off by working out…..late night runs on a cold cold Marine Drive…..

Good night.


Son of a beeeeetch

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Basta%$s, mother f%$#$ers……thats what these li’l piddly fu$ks are who just about get a license and then start driving bikes like they own the road!

So here i am minding my own business….driving dead slow past an intersection (i’m in first gear!!!) and out of nowhere, these guys try and whiz past and end up scraping my baby’s front bumper! They don’t have the fucki%$g balls to stop and here, i’m in shock hoping that they’re ok!!! They whiz off without a hoot in the world!

Sad part is, if anything at all did happen to them, i’d be the one in jail!

God, i so wanna kill someone right now!


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Now i like this li’l cutie called the Nano. I’ll probably never buy one seeing thats its a Tata et all…..but that sure as hell doesn’t stop me from loving the way she looks.

Part of me says that Ratan Tata has done this nation proud. Hell, abroad, golf carts probably cost more! And here, you’re gettin a proper car which can comfortably seat 4 (lets not push this!!!) and get them from place A to place B in a city, SAFELY!

Think of the number of teenage lives that will be saved by this one car. Any father gifting his son a bike will now atleast look this way and probably, many of them will make the move in this direction.

Yeah, i heard the argumenst for and against the car. You know what, both sides have their points…..but you sure as hell can’t stop an entrepreneur from manufacturing what a nation sorely lacks!

You want an answer, then go get the Government to make a fast, safe, comfortable and efficient public transport system! I promise you people will think twice before buying a car then! Don’t stop an entrepreneur. You’re stunting growth, thought and entrepreneurship, the very attributes that the world has come to recognize in Indians!

“In the darkness that surrounds me now
there is no peace of mind
Your careless words undo me,
leave the thought of us behind…”

— No Ordinary Morning by Chicane


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The joy that is life oft passes us by whilst we wallow in our unabashed self pity.


Have money? Will lose it!

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Now everyone has money issues. Some have it (the money) and some don’t have it……but the issues, is what EVERYBODY has.

Like a couple of months back, i decided to spruce up my non-existent investment portfolio by diversifying my investments…..I decided to plonk some of my hard earned moolah into some infrastructure sector specific mutual funds. Some told me, markets are high, wait for them to fall and then invest and so on. I’ve often found that people who talk like that, more often than not, miss the bus! So i chose to ignore that advice and signed up on the dotted line. My money was in……

And then came the horrendous crash of a few days ago…….like 4k odd points within a week (not to mention triggering the short circuit fuse that the Stock Exchange has). I was questioning myself whether i ought to have listened to the advice i got and waited but you know what, i’m not sure i would have put money in when the markets touched 15 k levels! Thats because the same people who gave me the advice earlier were now telling me that the markets are gonna go down further and further!!!

The fact is, once you’re invested, just stay in and believe in your investment (which should be carefully studied prior to investing). Your company or mutual fund, as the case may be, will, more often that not, ride out the storm just fine and you’ll end up with a decently healthy rate of income on your investment. But if you chose to abandon ship midway and dump the stock, chances are you’ll walk away by cutting certain losses…..which in a few days will probably go back up….so you’ll end up feeling like a fool!

Does this make sense?


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Damn its cold! Freezing my ba%$s off on this beautiful chilly sun filled morning! Thank god for Republic day being a holiday. Sometimes, i wonder how the hell this country is so productive inspite of us having so many public holidays! Then i realize ….THATS WHY.

Now take my case….been working late the past few days and this holiday could not have come at a more opportune moment. I needed it to unwind and recharge! So that i can go back to work on Monday and be productive!

So its time to chill, unwind and catch up with friends……basically, spend some time with myself. Cheers people!

Another drunken driving story….

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This thing’s been on my mind….and it got another spark when i read about some guy who ran over a couple of people because he lost control of his car under the influence. Driving fast and being under the influence of booze is a an accident waiting to happen!

And this kinda hits me cause you know what….until the cops started this entire thingie of putting people in jail, i was probably one of the guys who was over the limit quite a few times……and i sure as hell know that there is no way i intend on spending even one night in any police lock up for something like being under the influence……so now, i dont mix the two. Yeah, the cops got to me…..and its one less loser on the road. What i wanna know is, how many people like me are out there?

This entire tamasha of putting people in jail is sure as hell helping some of us get our lives in order. Problem is, as is the problem with all good things, it started too late (for those two people who got run over) as apparently the driver was convicted in the past of driving under the influence and I hear he was let off with only a fine! If he had been put in jail back then, maybe those two would’ve been alive today……