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Its been a while….

Posted in Uncategorized on October 31, 2007 by pensivelawyer

When one is starting a new journey, an element of nervousness, even some fear, is bound to creep in. I start a new journey tomorrow.

The nervousness and the fear i feel is new to me. I have never worked for a third person before. I have always…..always…worked for my family name. And now, i have taken the plunge and decided to join a firm.

Why in God’s name are you doing this?” asked Querida.

Bcoz i must……bcoz i need to……and bcoz i want to.

I derive my inspiration from many sources. From the books that i read, from the stories that i come across……but nothing like i derive from Querida. She truly inspires me to want to do better…in all aspects of my life. She makes me want to make a difference…..and to my coffee-tainted mind, thats defi more than love. Maybe soulmates…..maybe more.

So for about one week, i decided to take some time off. I stopped working completely. Slept late, woke up later…..met up with friends including Melody…..chilled with my dad over kebabs and beer at the club bar……read some Memories of legal luminaries and even though i did work just a tad, i now find myself completely at ease. I dont feel the blade on my neck anymore. I dont feel the pressure.

I know its a matter of time before it happens again …before work finds me ……and before i find myself……but …..for this moment, i live my life afresh. Today is my last holiday and i intend to make the most of it. Cheers!