Wired up!

An awesome few days….no better way to describe it.

Been in the midst of a very interesting argument in the City Civil Court, Bombay. I prefer to avoid this Court and stick to the High Court but was requested to argue this and it seemed interesting…..so i took it up.

This was a ‘Notice of Motion’ which is in essence an application to the Court. We had sought certain ‘reliefs’ or ‘prayers’ and after 3 arguments on as many days, an order was passed today.

Whilst the first part went my way without much argument, the second half, which formed the crux of the application, came my way as a li’l bonus.

I was definitely entitled to the reliefs as prayed. Its just that i though the Judge wasn’t inclined to grant it at this point of time. He’d want certain clarifications etc etc etc.

Midway through the dictation of the order, he asked for certain details which were provided by the lawyer for the otherside and myself. Then, out of nowhere, he started dictating the second part of the order in my favour as my argument finally made sense to him. Was on top of the world when that happened!

Now, we gotta wait and make sure tha parties act on this order asap!…..so yaaaaaaay!


2 Responses to “Wired up!”

  1. 🙂 Good for you! Congrats old chap!

  2. Mel: “old chap”???…..uhhhh…..this is why i say drugs are bad for you!…:P

    But thanks!

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