Kill ’em cabbies!

Yes, a very very incorrect thing to say. But its something i do feel very strongly about.

I know a lot of people out there will think that i am nuts….thats whilst there are bad apples, most cabbies are nice guys who are just tyring to eke out a living, much like us. Guess what guys, i ain’t bitch%n about THAT!


They manage to drive bang in the middle of two lanes, not permitting you to overtake.

If not the above, they manage to drive ONLY in the fast lane at a speed not exceeding half the known speed limit of the city of Mumbai…..i.e. 40 kmph!

Because of the above, they manage to bring out the choiciest profanity i can conjure. Yes, i can get very creative in this regard.

Add to that, they manage to get my blood to boil, get my hands quivering and of course, the end result, bring out my violent side.

They make me want to beat the living daylights outta them!!!

Ok ok, disclaimer time. Not all of them are this bad. Maybe 95% are this bad and worse but a good 5% are actually decent drivers who know road rules, they know how to signal and hell, they know how to stick in their lanes (fast or slow-speed depended!!!). It is this 95% that i am of the opinion ought to be sent back to the village they came from.

Its quite evident that the vast number of people entering Mumbai from small villages of distant states (including Uttar Pradesh and Bihar) start their road to success by driving a taxi (or an auto – depending on status). On seeing them drive, one often wonders how in God’s name did these guys manage to get a driving licence. Dont get me wrong, however nice these guys may be, fact remains that they cant drive for peanuts.

They can smile, be nice, get you to your destination with a few ruffled feathers and a few bumps and bruises in their rust buckets, but they sure as hell DONT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!

I used to drive a lot. As a teenager, i drove a Fiat…same car as these cabbies drive so i can appreciate it when one says, it ain’t an easy car to drive. You know what, it isn’t that hard either. Its a car. You get used to it. Its actually as simple as that.

I digress. As i was saying, i drove a lot. Driving a 100km in Mumbai city and not going past Juhu was….well, normal. After that, when in college, i drove a lot too. I actually used to enjoy the drive, The feel of the gear. The ‘pulling’ in 3rd gear. The shift into overdrive. And more.

But of late, driving is no longer the same. Whilst in the past i could drive and enjoy the experience, now, its stressful. At nights, it only gets worse. These guys dont even thnk twice before coming out of a small lane on to a main street FAST. They wont bother to look around them. Dont give a hoot for traffic…..i could go on and on but i think you’d get the point here.

We need to do something about this. These guys can’t be allowed to get on to the roads and screw ’em up in this manner. We need some serious testing from the RTO before a licence is given.

Maybe i should file a PIL on this…..hmmmm


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