World….slow down….

The world is fast becoming far too competitive. One always hears of young men and women putting in crazy hours (not much more than our seniors mind you!) …..The same ones end up getting sick. They often end up with blood pressure issues, heart issues, stress related nonsense…..and more.

Why is that?…Its not as if the hours we put in are much crazier than our elders….maybe 10% here and there in most cases. I know seniors who at 70+ are putting in hours that we juniors can only dream of. Those guys aren’t faced with health issues. Then why are we?

Is it the lifestyle? The ‘its the weekend so lets party and drink ourselves silly’ syndrome??? ……probably. Face facts, kids of today are less health conscious. We eat junk food, rarely exercise…..and if we do, we dont give our body the time and energy to heal by bogging it down with alcohol and cigarettes. Some of the younger generation add to that crap by doing drugs under the guise of it bieng a ‘healthier’ alternative.

Now adding to that, you have a highly competitive environment where one needs all available energy and mind power just to stay afloat! To be successful, you need to sacrifice. Are we ready to sacrifice our precious weekend binges and all that crap to be one of the few who succeed? I think most of us arent ready to accept that.

Why is that? Why is it so hard to give up something thats obviously bad for you? Habit?…..true to a certain extent. Moreso probably bcoz its ‘fashionable’ to be seen  at the right joints. Youngsters often party to be seen rather than bcoz they enjoy it. Sad, but true.

Now, to put an end to this incoherent rambling, my point is simple. Take a step back. Re-channelise your energies and focus on your priorities. Work and success are important but not so important as to lose track of yourself.

Remember, work is simply the means to an end. The end is a comfortable life with your family and you.


2 Responses to “World….slow down….”

  1. Cant seem to slow down….or rather….Dont wanna slow down….

  2. Cant slow down… So World Hold on…Coz here I am….This is me…So bring it on..

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