De de dum….

Yaaaay, another weekend. Dont quite know where the week went but…yaaaay. Yes, me being crazy me for no good reason.

Lotsa nonsensical crap happening in Courts. For some reason, every Judge now has multiple Boards and the Board department absolutely INSISTS on making it difficult for lawyers to understand the damn Boards.

As a result, you never know which Board is being taken up first…..sometimes, what is listed as “this Board will be taken up first” is taken up only later. I have therefore decided to do my M.B.R. (Masters in Board Reading) – Trust me, its THAT bad! Consequentially, we end up wasting time in Court that can otherwise be spent productively.

I wonder why can’t they just make one Board with all matters lines up from 1 to a gazillion for all i care and let it run serially……why make multiple Boards which confuse the lawyers and the common man is left….well, speechless!

Its stupid things like this that make the Court a laughing stock rather than a well respected institution that it should be.  


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