The power of a smile…

Am learning that there are few joys in life that are equivalent to, or greater than the joy one experiences in causing a smile.



6 Responses to “The power of a smile…”

  1. Querida Says:

    Now who would know that better than you…

    You are responsible for every smile last nite…

    You are responsible for the constant pain in my cheeks due to smiling..

    And for all the laugh lines that will grace my face after…

    Keep it up….And it will come back to you tonne-fold

    Hugs…Have a supa dupa day!!

  2. Q: Awww….so sweet. Danke!

  3. Priya Coulagi Says:

    So True πŸ™‚

  4. “You are responsible for every smile last nite…”

    ooohwweee … Do spill the beans Q πŸ˜€

  5. Querida Says:

    Mel : He threw me a surprise budday partieeeee

    Called all my close friends and colleagues…

    Was the perfect host..

    Got most of them drunk

    Dropped them home till the other end of the world (which means “faaaaaar suburbs”

    And got me 2 gifts :D…

    What say!!!

  6. @ Q:

    Am impressed πŸ™‚ The lawyer’s good, must say THAT for him.

    Now make sure he brings you for MY bday party tomm & I’m a happy camper.

    Need for you to kiss me, been too long πŸ˜‰

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