Same ol’ story…

So here we are, with every newspaper that screams  about the floods that the ‘burbs are facing due to the rampant and illegal construction that has taken place in the last few years and i ask myself, now what is to be done?

Admittedly, you can’t demolish the new buildings that have come up with the requisite permissions from the Municipal Authorities, howsoever we think might have been obtained….a vast number of people will be dishoused…..and yet, can this situation be permitted to continue?

Will we let the Municipal Authorities blame the Rain Gods time and again?

Will we let them scream out hoarse that the ‘drains are clean’ and over XX Crores of Rupees have been sunk doing so?

Yes, i know that the rains are unprecedented……i know that we’ve had 40% of the annual rainfall in these short span of time….

I also know that the Municipal Authorities fu&%ed up bigtime! Make them pay! Let them lose their jobs…let them be rendered homeless…..Let their ‘Government job’ security blanket be snatched. MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PUBLIC!

And for God’s sake, get a freaking accurate weather prediction system so that we aren’t forced to listen to nonsensical predictions based on outdated charts and previous patterns!

Sinking a further few hundred crores of rupees into a drainage system is something that seriously needs to be considered and debated. It is a huge expenditure, for the few days of this kind of torrential downpour we are now seeing. The world over, weather is known to disrupt work and shut down a city…..Bombay is no different.

What must not be allowed is human inefficiency (in not predicting the weather-to the best possible extent) causing a loss of human life and property.


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