Rain rain….is here to stay

No, i have not become the weatherman….though i could probably do a far better job than the current bunch of monkeys we have.

While i do like the rain….it does tend to get in the way nowadays. Cant walk down and drive off like i used to……gotta worry about that paranoia that remains in most of our li’l heads….”is it gonna be another 26/7″ …..will my car become a boat (luckily not again)!

Add to that is the fact that tomorrow is a work day….yeah, gotta run into the Esplanade Court a.k.a. Quilla (pronounced – killa) Court, for a freaking withdrawal!….Atleast it doesn’t get easier than that!

I hate these weekends that leave you unrested and unrefreshed.

Dammit, I’m bitching too much. Must be that time of the month!


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