Bunch of morons!

I return from yoga on a Monday morning to see a new SMS on my cellphone. Something to the effect of the ‘Disaster Control’ department issuing a warning about heavy rains and winds expected in the next 24 hours in the city and the burbs (presumably on the basis of the Met dept. telling them of this).

Casually glance outside the window and see the sun, out in all its glory after a gloomy and wet sunday.

Now i’m wondering….is this possible?…..i mean, i have seen the weather change quickly but this is looking kinda hard to fathom.

Anyways, on with the day….and i was right…..there was barely any rain….and it was hot as hell….

Makes me wonder why we pay the Met department anything at all…. They should be paying us for the mis-information they spread. For 3 years i’ve been hearing talk of getting a Doppler radar (the kind that lets you predict weather accurately)……and till date the issue as i know it remains two fold:

1. No funds (yeah right!)
2. No place to put the fu%&in radar

So till these two issues are sorted out….us Mumbai-ites will have to deal with a bunch of morons issuing disaster control warnings and scaring the jeepers outta us……without all possible knowledge.

And yes, the Doppler radar is used successfully all over the world and is usually pretty accurate. If installed, it promises to revolutionize weather reports on our news channels.

I’m just looking forward to see some hot women tell us the weather!….;)


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