What is this world coming to?

I was contemplating putting up another subject for this post but, for reasons i am unable to express, i chose not to. It should have been, ‘nutcases’.

As i was in Court yesterday….walking to the Bar room, i notice a li’l commotion. People were getting excited…and pointing to something on a higher floor. Now this expression of excitement was clearly visible from all verandahs and even from the ground floor so i decided to take a li’l breather and see whats going on (typically me – i loooove drama!…lol).

So here i am…watching a man….standing on a ledge…and the only thing he can hold on to is a pipe (water or drainage? – i have no idea!) The first thing that naturally goes thru my mind….What is God’s name is goin on here?……why is he out there?…..did he slip (dont ask, i thought of this one for some weird reason – probably just to tick it off the probables checklist!).

Then i notice that he defi aint a worker i.e., he’s dressed in jeans and a shirt and the shoes look pointed….like those fashionable things people wear nowadays. This guy was threatening to jump!!!

Yes, not too long ago i wrote a post on this….on how a guy tried to kill himself but slitting his wrist and more blah…..about how he lost his lady love and more drama.

It turns out, it was the same guy. First, he tried to kill himself by slitting his wrist…..now, he threatens to jump. What ticked him off into taking such a drastic step?….i have no idea. But i do know…whatever it was…..it wasn’t worth it.

There aren’t too many things in life that are more precious than a human life. Someone hasn’t leart his lessons and is now taking moee drastic steps. Is it an attention-seeking thing – probably. Does he need help – clearly. Will he get it – probably not.

Such is the world we live in.


4 Responses to “What is this world coming to?”

  1. Very interesting. Why does he come to the courtroom each time to jump? Exhibition syndrome? Or was the “lost lady love” something to do with court? Divorce? Couldn’t he just find a dupatta & fan at home? Why didn’t you take pictures to fan the flames of our voyeurism? Cameras not allowed inside courts?

    Ah… the questions that spring to mind on a Friday afternoon, when the weekend is so close, yet so so so far away. Must rush back to work now.

    You, invest in a cell phone with camera already.

  2. Mel: Got a cell wid a cam girl……took photos….hell, i took a video…..but, photography in the Courts is illegal so shhhhh…:P

    You’ll see it in the news soon enough i guess……i gave it to one of the reporters there…and no, i didn’t make millions off it.

  3. “no, i didn’t make millions off it.”

    What sort of useless lawyer are you? 😛

  4. Mel: As you can see, money is not the driving force in life……However, i must admit, it does rank up there at the top of the list!

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