The latest blogmeet held on Saturday at Seijo was quite different from the few we have had thus far. Lemme tell ya some…:)

To start with, the now-official blog-hostesses Mel & Sakshi gave the blogosphere enough notice and more than enough advertisement.

They took the pain to deal with the management of Seijo to permit entry and managed to cordon of a nice, large section for the meet, which was duly noticed and appreciated. Add to that they managed finger lickin starters.

That set the stage for a nice fun evening, which i heard about. Unfortunately, was not able to stay there for the entire duration as i had to be back in town at 11pm. Stayed there till about 10:30 with Querida and saw some fun stuff.

Had the opportunity to meet up with some bloggers namely Jerry, Chronicus Skepticus, Shiju Thomas, Nandz (who i had met in Goa!). Quite a small world really.

Anyway, all in all it turned out to be a nice fun evening


One Response to “Partytime!”

  1. […] And these lot were not in any of the pics here, but made their presence felt: Bombay Addict, Vivek, Pensive Lawyer, Querida, Jigal, Arjun, Rishi & Ravi. Hope I haven’t left anyone out, there were totally over 40 of us! Related posts online: Sakshi – Did We Pardy or What! Ranjan – Page3 Bombay Bloggers Party Roshan D’Silva – My first blog meet Kaushal – Mumbai Bloggers Meet Notes Pensive Lawyer – Party Time! […]

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