Now most of you guys would know that there’s a blog meet happening this Saturday. Details thereof have been adequately advertised and those of you who feign ignorance need some serious help.

So, this Saturday, at Seijo (Bandra West for the uninitiated), is where Mel and Sakshi (the official blogosphere hostesses), have decided to provide a platform for most of us to meet other like minded bitches. It starts at 8 or so and details can be found on Mel’s and Sakshi’s site, which, i cant seem to link however hard i try. So much for being technologically challenged.

Anyway, its on my blogroll so GO AND SEE IT NA. Dont you just hate it when people want you to provide everything at their fingertips for which YOU have to take the effort!…..grrr….:)

Spoke to Mel and expressed my inability at that moment to make it. But, as most things in life, that too is subject to change and who knows, i might just be there. One thing i do know is that its gonna be fun! Dont miss it if u can.


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