So much

Hmmmm…..a lot of crap has happened in the last few weeks. Firstly, i’ve been outta the country and have purposely kept my head outta the newspapers and the news. The reason – i thought i needed a break.

Came back to good ol’ Mumbai and have been inundated with news about ‘Nijjar’s’, Supreme Court unhappy with some stuff and even more crap on the legal front in the infamous BMW case.

Spoke to Mel and got into a rather interesting conversation on living in a ‘bubble’. I.e. having your own li’l world and not letting the actual surroundings affect your daily life (not that they should in the first place but then again, we’re human aren’t we?)

We came to the conclusion that whilst living in a bubble does indeed sound attractive and in a way it is attractive, living in the real world with a pulse on the true ‘haraminess’ of man is actually ‘hardening’. It makes us aware of the real world and gives us the weapons we need to deal with problems that might come up in our own li’l ‘bubbles’.

Further, we spoke of certain horrifying personal experiences where we have seen the might of the Government move for purposes which, to our eyes, seem rather strange.

In my opinion, this li’l break i had from reality was just what i needed to come back to reality and realise just how depraved we actually are. Face facts – We are pieces of crap! Nothing more, nothing less.

Fu*% that Sh%^ and get to work biaaatch! Nobody gives a hoot for the aforementioned ramblings!


One Response to “So much”

  1. In my bubble though, I am a Princess 🙂

    See, there are even more advantages!!

    Great talking to you. Hope you make it Saturday. And this time for you, not Q 😉

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