Rexona Deo – Where art thou?

More of my usual bitching….:)

Try this….take a hot day…..put people in suits….make sure they’re packed like sardines in a li’l room thats probably built for a quarter that number…..and you’ve got a sure-fire recipe for BO.

Whilst at the DRT and the High Court today, i was horrifyingly at the reciving end of a lot of BO.

Now i know that in this heat and i know its impossible not to perspire……and even be drenched……but why in God’s name is basic cleanliness and hygiene treated like the plague?

Rexona Deo should seriously consider setting up li’l sales carts outside these HOT and crowded places…..I shall defi point some people to these carts and say ‘Boss, go get some of that. You need it bad’!!!


4 Responses to “Rexona Deo – Where art thou?”

  1. eeeyyeeewwww…. this post really stinks!!!

    Pity you lawyers having to get all suited & booted. Hey, and do the judges have to wear the funny wig thingies too??

  2. Mel: Nah, Judges don’t have to wear ‘funny wig thingies’!!! Am sure your comment would cause them to smile a li’l though. In addition to that, they get separate corridors to walk in (which are closed to the general public) and they have no time pressures insofar as not reaching a Court on time (for which, we lawyers RUN). Result: Heat doesn’t affect them as bad.

    Oh yes, the con thereto is that they have to listen to our oft nonsensical arguments ( which is a curse in itself)…:)

  3. Querida Says:

    Ewwww… this post does stink…and superlatively at that…

    Seriously…why would you write a post about something like this??

  4. Querida: Bcoz i’m at the receiving end of grief and i need to express my anguish in some form or the other. As this IS my blog, i choose to vent here. Would you rather i blast the culprits and risk being disbarred instead?

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